HUD Homes For Sale In Tucson AZ… Golden Opportunity?

HUD Homes For Sale in Tucson AZ

7550 E. Mary Dr. Tucson AZ

HUD Homes for Sale in Tucson AZ
7550 E. Mary Dr. Tucson AZ

It’s no secret. I am a fan of a great deal when it comes to housing.  Especially HUD Homes   for Sale In Tucson AZ. (Otherwise known as “HUD Acquired”). That’s why I am surprised to see this gem at 7550 E. Mary Dr. still for sale.

To be honest, I work for the company that has this listing (Realty Executives Tucson Elite); but nonetheless, I am surprised.

Here’s why.

HUD Homes For Sale In Tucson AZ

HUD Homes For Sale In Tucson AZ provide a unique opportunity for the investor who is well versed in seeing beyond what is apparent.

Here is what I mean.


For a property like this one, an actual “HUD Acquired” Home in Tucson, the average Investor can get a pretty good return for their investment dollar… if they buy right.

A Wealth of Information!

As this home is a HUD Home for Sale in Tucson, you are entitled to a wealth of information!  Aside from the fact that it features 4 enormous bedrooms, and over 1500 spacious square feet, it comes with so many more possibilities!

So many possibilities that the Federal Government has taken the time to go out and inspect this property to verify certain things.  Things like “whether or not the heater works!”  You know.. important stuff like that!

You can get a free copy of this report by clicking here! 

As an Investor in Tucson myself, I appreciate a good deal when I see one.  Many times, the best deals are the ones you create for yourself!  Now, understand the HUD Bidding process for this property ends at midnight every night until it is sold.

HUD Homes for Sale In Tucson AZ
What you see is only the Tip of the Iceberg!

So there is a possibility that this home may not be for sale after midnight tonight!

However, that is not the end of the story! By no means!  You see, HUD Homes for Sale in Tucson AZ are just a small portion of some of the great deals that are available… on, and OFF market! 

What you are seeing on the Internet, is simply the “Tip of the Iceberg” of what is truly available!

Making Your Bid

As an investor, the bid process is fairly easy!  The difficult part is oftentimes knowing what to look for in the contracts, as well as help through the process.

The good news is, we are able to help you in your investment goals.  No matter if you are a first time homebuyer looking for a “smoking house deal!” or a seasoned investor looking to add to your portfolio.

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If you are interested in this home, or other HUD Acquired homes in Tucson, feel free to contact me directly or join our Exclusive Buyer’s List to be notified of the best deals I see!

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